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psychometric testing services

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    Team Development

    In team development the use of psychometric assessments can be critical in the following ways:

    • Identifying personality issues within individuals that create disruption in team dynamics. As an example, if there are too many extroverts not much work would be done, or if an individual is aggressive this may impact on the overall morale.

    • By using assessment tools designed specifically for identifying preferred roles within a team, one is able to use this information in establishing whether the composition of the group has too many or too few of a particular type, which may negatively impact on the overall productivity of the team. So if there are too many detail conscious perfectionists, they may get bogged down in detail.

    • Assessments also can identify preferred work approaches in a group. Thus, if there are too many flexible change-orientated members, the team as a whole may resist routine and tried-and-tested methodologies.

    Individuals can either get feedback individually about the effect their behaviour has on the group, along with counselling about ways to modify their behaviour, or alternatively feedback can occur as part of a team intervention whereby assessment information is shared amongst the colleagues along with suggestions on how to accommodate the different styles within the team.

    Our organisation also facilitates team interventions with regard to improving team effectiveness. The goal of such a workshop would be to help the group self-monitor by providing them with better communication skills, strategies for addressing conflict, listening skills, and how to provide effective positive and negative feedback. Therefore improved general assertiveness is affected.