Psychometric Testing Services

psychometric testing services




    In conjunction with the Consulting Psychologist at SAB Miller we designed an on line Competency Based Assessment, to be used as an initial screening tool for verbal and numerical literacy. This serves to reduce costs by not sending the wrong candidates to the next round of psychometric assessment. This assessment was done as a result of exhaustive studies of the competencies required across a range of positions in both sales and manufacturing. As a result of our involvement in this project we feel we are competent in offering a similar service to other organisations whereby we can tailor-make assessment on the basis of these 2 criteria based on the actual activities the encumbants woud be required to perform in their daily duties.

    Those who know us, will realise we fully support the assessment tools designed by Dr Terry Taylor of Aprolab. The instruments he uses are unique in that one is able to assess potential despite educational disadvantage and hence the element of cultural bias is all but eliminated. What you may not know is that we together trained practitioners in other African countries to use his instruments and on the basis of the volumes, were able to establish country specific norms. So if your organisation is moving into untapped territories, we could help you manage this process...

    We at Catalyst have realised a gap in terms of career assessment. As one of my interns pointed out the people offering career guidance are typically in academic institutions where their understanding of the market and its needs are limited. We are therefore involved in a project to consolidate all information pertinent to school and university leavers where it can be a one stop shop and this information combined with our comprehensive career assessment battery should fill this much needed gap.

    Ruth is writing a book on how to negotiate old age optimally.