Psychometric Testing Services

psychometric testing services

    Client Base & Feedback

    Client base

    Over the last 17 years, Catalyst Consultants has grown its client base to include representatives from the following industries:

    • Alcohol and soft-drinks
    • Dairy
    • Fruit
    • Finance
    • Motor Vehicle
    • Transport
    • Science and Technology
    • Clothing
    • Tourism
    • Packaging
    • Meat
    • Print

    Client Feedback

    psychometric testing services1 = poor
    2 = Below average
    3 = Average
    4 = Above average
    5 = Excellent

    1.Time for booking a individual testing                                 7.Usefulness of feedback from psychologist to candidate          12.Testing services reflect good value for money       
    2.Time for booking a group testing                                        8.Time between testing and receiving the report                     13.Level of service and professionalism
    3.Our flexibility in terms of a urgent booking                         9.Relevance of report findings to position tested for                 14.Quality of service for on-site group testing
    4.Candidates feelings about the testing experience              10.Degree of user friendliness of reports                                   15.Skills, expertise and knowledge of our staff
    5.Relevance of psychological instruments used in testing     11.Response time to client queries                                           16.Correlation between results and performance

    psychometric testing services