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psychometric testing services

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Career Assessment

Career assessment is typically conducted either with school leavers, or people who are wanting a mid-career change. The same battery of assessment tools is used for both purposes. It can either be requested by individuals, or by organisations who have identified a mismatch in terms of job fit.

The battery includes a personality test, a vocational Interest measure, the Myers-Briggs, and a general interest profile. Unique to our approach is the fact that an extensive interview with a psychologist is conducted so as to ensure the accuracy of our recommendations. The whole assessment process takes approximately four to five hours and at a later date a feedback session is done to discuss the results, the way forward and to provide a report.

As mentioned, we are focussing on providing an integrated information database detailing tertiary study information, information related to the needs of the market in each specific career field, expected earnings, cost and duration of courses as well as links to successful professionals in various careers willing to offer more information.