psychometric testing services

Psychometric Testing Services


Welcome to Catalyst Consultants

As the Catalyst Consultants we pride ourselves on assisting organisations in optimising human potential. We strive to facilitate a catalytic reaction between the individual and the organisation, to create a new and dynamic partnership.

The Catalyst Consultants' core business is psychometric assessment, and after 17 years in the industry we can proudly say that our expertise in this field is firmly established. This is borne out by our extensive client base which has stayed with us for the duration of this time.

Why use psychometric assessment:

  • It assists in the recruitment process in identifying the best candidate for the position at both shop-floor and managerial level.
  • It provides information for individuals in helping them develop their careers, or who are considering a career change.
  • It provides valuable information to organisations in the succession planning process.
  • It has positive financial implications in that the initial outlay for the psychometric assessment is offset against the expense of a faulty recruitment decision.
  • Given the inequity of our current educational system, it better allows organisations to judge whether candidates have the requisite cognitive ability as opposed to having to rely on academic scores.
  • It provides an objective measure of fit that interviewing cannot provide.
  • It measures constructs that are underlying behaviours and which are not immediately observable.

How are we different:

  • We attempt to understand the culture of the organisation, and in so doing make recommendations of “fit” within this context.
  • Our choice of assessment tools and our reports are tailor-made for the position.
  • We educate our clients in the ethical use of psychometric assessment, to ensure legal and ethical compliance.
  • The assessments are not all computer-based, but instead involve one-on-one interaction which allows us to understand the individual’s results in the context of their current life circumstances.
  • None of the reports produced are computer generated, hence there is no “cut and paste” effect.
  • We ensure that each candidate is treated professionally and in an individual manner, and insist that they have individual feedback so that assessment becomes developmental.
  • We ensure compliance with legislation and the Health Professions Council.
  • While our organisation is small, we have chosen to remain so in order to ensure a quality, personalised and specialised service.
  • We have a specialised group of associates who we draw on, who are aligned to our values, allowing the organisation to assess in all major cities in South Africa
  • We work across the continent.
  • We provide a platform for young and aspiring psychometrists and HR practitioners to gain experience in the field of psychometric assessment, and we have proudly seen a number of them through the process and registered them with the Health Professions Council.
  • Our reports are delivered within five working days. However, if urgent feedback is required, this can be done verbally, prior to delivery of the written report.

  • What sets you apart from your competition is the quality of the people that you employ and retain.